We are…  A mama (Lindsey) and her two sons, living a normal, busy, chaotic, fun life in a small-ish town in Pennsylvania.  We do the same things that most young families do: we rush out the door to school every morning, play soccer in the backyard, read lots of books, build with Legos, paint, have living room dance parties… and we like food. A lot. We come up with recipes while driving in the car. We look forward to stocking up at our town’s weekly farmers’ market and taking family trips to the grocery store. Our love of good food is a common thread that ties us together, even if our definitions of “good” differ a little:  while I hem and haw over curly vs. lacinato kale at the farmers’ market, the boys are usually debating cookie vs. turnover at a nearby baker’s stand.  They tend to clutch a gummy bear the way I hold the garden’s first cherry tomato of the year.  And while you might catch me swooning over a slice of homemade bread topped with fresh mozzarella, basil and a drizzle of olive oil, my sons are likely to put just as much loving care into making a ketchup, mustard and pickle wrap.  



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